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STEAMlab#2 @ Hello Culture

STEAMlab#2 @Hello Culture Sound and Vision

 June 22 10:00-16:00 

1 day series of labs and workshops to catalyse innovative collaborations, share working practices and explore how cross sector collaborations can create new ideas in STEAM working. Workshops by Collusion and Holosphere

Join us for an inspiring workshop day on VR aimed at small and medium sized enterprises, micro businesses, and sole traders (SMEs) to develop new ideas.

 STEAMlab#2 focuses on all things Virtual Reality (VR) as part of the Hello Culture event.

VR is a fast growing market with a range of technological applications across a number of sectors, expanding from the gaming market to areas such as health, manufacturing and product development, as well as creative expression.  According to Innovate UK “VR holds great potential to change many other aspects of our lives, from education and health to engineering and retail.”

With the addition of the increasing ease of access from the major players like Occulus, Samsung, and Google offering a scale of affordability with their headsets, there are now a range of real social and commercial opportunities.

VR is uniquely capable to create a wraparound immersive virtual environment, creating a visceral, emotional, and interactive experience.

Alongside VR sits gaming, 360 video, animation and film, motion tracking, programming, and storytelling, and can be applied as a medium to entertainment, teaching and learning, manufacturing, health and therapeutic treatments.

STEAMlab#2@Hello Culture Sound and Vision, are  hands-on practical  workshops are open to SMEs to discover innovative solutions to new ideas, new business or artistic products and services.  It is aimed at artists and creatives, academics, coders, developers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers in established, or newly established companies working in a range of industries including health, manufacturing, and low carbon.


 COLLUSION: A session with VR using Hololens, HTC Vive + sensors.

Collusion will run a hands-on practical session demonstrating the key tools for VR and AR development. The session will show development paths for Unity, working with 360 photography/photogrammetry and TiltBrush. Participants will have the opportunity to work with a pre-prepared  TiltBrush interactive programme in advance and on the day. As an outcome participants will gain an overview of pathways to making and authoring with these tools, along with a clearer understanding of the technical barriers and opportunities emerging in VR and AR.




Holosphere will focus their session around the development of the VR experience they created for  the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Talking through how it was designed and built; the technical considerations/problems encountered and what they learned from the process.  Holosphere will work with participants on a team based creation of a simple VR world, giving participants the opportunity to come up with ideas and work with the Holosphere designer on the day to create it in real time, giving the delegates a basic understanding of how VR games and experiences are made.


If you have an interest and willingness to work in cooperation with individuals within an open collaborative format then we want to hear from you!

Any ideas developed during the workshop may be considered for an innovation grant of up to £2,500 and ongoing product and/or business support and advice.

To take part you will need to sign up by completing a short form – contact us for more information and application form: steamhouse@bcu.ac.uk



STEAMhouse is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund. To qualify to access the FREE workshops you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Willing to share ideas
  • Must be available during the published workshop dates (workshop and Hello Culture conference)
  • Be considered as a business / enterprise – sole trader, micro business, SME (employing fewer than 250 FTE people). (Note: state aid rules may limit the type of businesses that may be supported).
  • Based within the GBS LEP region – Birmingham, Solihull, North Worcs and South Staffs.
  • Be a business with an annual turnover of less than €50m or a balance sheet total of less than €43m.
  • Operate in at least one of the following sectors: arts and creative industries, health and life sciences, advanced manufacturing, low carbon.


STEAMhouse is a new centre of excellence informed by global trends across culture, society, technology, politics, and the economy to stimulate, surprise, engage and enlighten.

STEAMlab is part of STEAMhouse Phase 1, a creative innovation centre in Digbeth with the aim of brokering collaborative relationships between businesses, academics, arts and creative industries to support innovation and prototyping activity for social and economic benefit.  The centre will demonstrate how arts and creativity can be combined with STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) to drive innovation, skills, research, and economic growth.

Connecting arts into STEM subject areas, STEAMhouse Phase 1 will provide support to SMEs and new enterprises from the GBSLEP region of Birmingham, Solihull, North Worcs and South Staffs to develop new products and services through workshops, grants, and research cooperations with academics from the university.

 STEAMhouse http://www.bcu.ac.uk/business/steam/steamhouse