Hello Culture


Hello Culture: Sound & Vision programme

Hello Culture; Sound and Vision is  a 2 day event exploring how the arts and digital sector can find new ways to forge practices, collaborate with other sectors and contribute to creating new opportunities for experimentation, content and influence how the world sees itself and others.

 “I will sit right down

Waiting for the gift of sound and vision” David Bowie

The cultural experience is being transformed both for artists and audiences. Telling tales has never been so exciting and the future cultural experience so unknown. Sound and vision are no longer linear experiences as immersive technologies are harnessed to create new content and enhance traditional cultural output.

The relationship between art and technology is becoming ever more complex, albeit nuanced across all sectors, delivering opportunities for collaboration and new forms of content creation.

Digital technology can provide an increasingly important set of tools to enable the relationship between the subjects to catalyse and innovate, and develop new value via cross sector communities of practice.

Whilst the cultural sector still places a value on digital within a marketing concept it hasn’t yet fully embraced how digital can transform content creation and experience and explore new ways of making, subverting the agency of technology and democratising the experience for artist and audience?

This means providing multiple digital entry points for people to access and engage with culture, to use digital technology to create work within new contexts and create new ways to experience culture rather than a linear transmission of a performance or visual experience.

The story not the platform is key, but the emergence of new technologies (VR, AU, holographics) now enable storytelling to be influenced by the platform and transform cultural practice. How do you write for 360°? How does it impact on narrative perspectives?

Florence Engasser a researcher at NESTA predicts that “In 2017, virtual reality will propel the art creation process in unexpected directions, giving artists more opportunities to interact with their audience and enabling them to create in completely new ways.”

Personalisation of customer experience is rising and set to be the key trend for brands in 2017; this means audience expectations are higher as the cultural experience will have to relate to online experiences with relevant, personalised access.

In addition, digital democratises both the engagement with and creation of culture for diverse audiences and creators.

The opportunities presented for new forms of democratised digital story telling creates an exciting future for new cultural experience and content and new collaborative thinking to inform this.

JUNE 22 STEAMLAB#2 @ Hello Culture

June 23 Hello Culture: Sound and Vision Conference